12-foot Modular Ramp with 5’x5′ Platform by Rampit USA

This all-in-one 12 foot modular ramp package with top platform has everything needed to provide access for a ADA recommended rise up to 12 inches.

This Independence Series Ramp Package by Rampit USA includes 12 feet of ramp (two 6-foot sections), a 5’x5′ top platform and four 24″ platform legs.


*Photos are renderings

Slip-resistant walking surface

The solid, extruded tread on all of our ramps and platforms feature molded ridges that will provide safe, durable traction throughout the ramp’s lifetime.

Rust free, non-corrosive materials

Rampit USA residential ramps using high-strength aluminum components. Our ramps are maintenance-free and will never rust or corrode, offering an attractive appearance that will withstand a lifetime of continuous use.

Simple installation

The Independence Ramp Series Modular ramps are installed using only a few simple tools and require no permanent alterations to your home or landscape. Most ramps can be installed in just a couple of hours without the need for heavy machinery or permits from the city.


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