Modular Wheelchair Ramp System

Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems are ramps that can be designed and arranged in multiple configurations. The ramps can be connected for whatever length you need with platforms or steps to be made into whatever configuration necessary. These ramps are also available in different widths from 36 inches and up. If you are using a wheelchair, walker or scooters are no problem for these ramps. Ramp lengths range from 2 foot to 8 foot and platform sizes from 4 foot x 4 foot up to 8 foot x 5 foot.

These aluminum ramps are lightweight, durable, and designed to withstand a lifetime of daily use so they are perfect for providing freedom and access to life’s everyday tasks. The low-maintenance aluminum components will never rust or corrode compared to wooden or metal ramps.

Modular Ramps are installed using only a few simple tools and require no permanent alterations to your home or landscape. Most ramps can be installed in just a couple of hours without the need for heavy machinery or permits from the city.

These ramps are made in America for homes or businesses. They are sturdy and ADA Compliant and require little to no maintenance.

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