Get Your Ramp Installed

We know that not everyone is personally able to install a ramp or has someone available for installation. You are free to choose an installer of your choice. For your convenience, Piedmont Ramp Solutions has partnered with several Handyman and/or Contractors that are bonded and insured who have agreed to provide ramp installation services at a pre-determined rate*.

Installation services are scheduled, performed and billed directly through these businesses independently of Piedmont Ramp Solutions, LLC.

1. W.L. Bell, LLC (704) 402-3921

Installation Fees within a 40-mile radius of Hickory, NC:

Gateway Ramps: $125 delivery, installation (and removal for rentals)

Pathway Ramps: $10 per foot fee for installation (minimum $200) Removal and routine safety checks are included with rentals

Platforms: $35 fee for installation per platform. Removal and routine safety checks are included with rentals

Optional Lightning Rod Installation: $35

*Since every home is different, additional charges may be added by contractors in certain situations. Examples of this can include:

  • Block footing foundations
  • Installations outside of a 40-mile radius of Hickory, NC
  • Addition of a structural support(s) on home for the ramp for security and safety


Please note that Piedmont Ramp Solutions is not affiliated with these companies. Referred businesses and contractors are solely responsible for the scheduling, billing and completion of installation.

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